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Join the Exciting Journey with LA JOYÌA - NFT Jewelry

Ever wonder if traditional jewellery has anything to do with modern technology? We all know about jewellery, and we all know about NFT which is currently the talk of the town, but what about NFT jewellery?

LA JOYÌA is one of the first pioneers to elevate jewellery experience leveraging AR virtual technology and the metaverse, while NFT jewellery shall be one of the resulting products. We believe that while we wear jewellery to present our offline selves, as the internet is getting ever more popular, there is a rising need to well present our online selves as well. With NFT jewellery, not only are you granted full digital ownership of the one-and-only NFT, but your jewellery can also appear on your avatar inside the metaverse. Moreover, for those who buy products with your NFT printed on them, you get 5% of the total sales made for those products. In other words, you are getting much more than just a digital piece of art.

One of LA JOYÌA’s major goal is to build an empowering community where jewellery acts as the token of belonging to this exclusive community. By buying our NFT jewellery, not only are you being granted access to this community, but you can also enjoy exclusive perks and benefits offered by it. For example, you can redeem certain avatar accessories for free, or sometimes when we collaborate with other brands, you may purchase their products at discounted prices.

It’s never too late to explore the world of NFT, and LA JOYÌA is sincerely inviting you to join us on this exciting journey.

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