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Jewelry Care


Wearing Your Jewelry

Avoid contact with all types of liquids

Try to keep your jewelry away from water, lotion/cream, perfume, sweat and other sources of moisture. Our hypoallergenic products are prone to oxidation and tarnishing. Therefore, before engaging in any activity that may cause friction and contact with moisture (e.g. swimming, showering, sleeping), please remove your jewelry and store them in a soft pouch. 

Avoid direct contact with sunlight and extreme temperatures

Apart from moisture, please also keep your jewelry from extreme temperatures and sunlight, as they may discolour your jewelry and make them dull. 

A Rule of Thumb - On Last, Off First”

Heres a simple practice for you. Always put on your jewelry last before finishing your look (i.e. after you apply your make-up, lotion, and perfume) and take it off first (i.e. before you perform any activities).

Cleaning Your Jewelry

Maintaining Quality and Shine

Use a jewelry polishing microfiber cloth or non-abrasive cotton to clean your jewelry. Avoid using tissue papers and paper towels as they may scratch the metals and induce tarnishing.

Dealing with Oxidation and Tarnishing

If your loved pieces oxidise or tarnish, you may try using a toothbrush with warm water to gently scrub away the tarnish.

Storing Your Jewelry

In our original LA JOYÌA Pouch 

In order to maintain the lustre and prolong the life of your jewelry, store them in your original LA JOYÌA pouch and keep the pouch in a cool, dry spot. 

In a proper Jewelry Box

You may also store your pieces in a jewelry box to keep them away from moisture, dirt, and tarnishing.


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