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Eternity Necklace

USD$68 USD$79  

Gemstone Necklace - Blue Lace Agate

USD$80 USD$89  

Gemstone Necklace - Moon White

USD$77 USD$85  

Gemstone Necklace - Kyanite

USD$77 USD$85  

Eternity Hoops

USD$68 USD$79  

Letter Bracelets

USD$55 USD$69  

Delicate Crystal Ring - Platinum White

USD$59 USD$69  

Delicate Crystal Ring - Sky Blue

USD$59 USD$69  

Delicate Crystal Ring - Emerald Green

USD$59 USD$69  

Gemstone Studs - Pearl White

USD$44 USD$49  

Chain Bracelets

USD$59 USD$69  

Chain Earrings

USD$49 USD$59  

Criss-Cross Eternity Ring

USD$59 USD$69  

Gemstone Studs - Joyous Blue

USD$44 USD$49  


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