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Rejoyce Program

Beauty is the never-fading light, is the moment when time vanishes and eternity arises, so does jewelry. Here in LA JOYÌA, we believe jewelry need not be made at the continuous expense of many Earth’s resources. Through our Rejoyce Program, we hope to “give back what we have taken from the Earth”, which also serves as the guiding principle behind our actions.

As the name “Rejoyce” implies, we collect old LA JOYÌA pieces from you to be recycled and upcycle them into new enjoyable pieces, freshening up your jewelry box and bringing sustainable joy to you. For pieces in good conditions, we repair and then donate them. For those in bad conditions, we recycle them.

For those in good condition, we are happy to repair and donate them to dedicated non-profit organisations instead. 14 tons of carbon dioxide and 16,000 gallons of water will also be saved for every 3,000 pieces of jewelry donated. And for every LA JOYÌA piece ordered by you, we will plant a tree and make donations accordingly. Your small contribution will make a huge impact on the land we all treasure.


Ship any of your previously-purchased LA JOYÌA jewelry to us and we will give it a new life by creating a new piece from the raw materials extracted.


A digital coupon with credit of 15% of the original recycled jewelry price will be stored in your LA JOYÌA account to be used in your next purchase.



Be Part of the Rejoicing


How can I join the program?

To enter the program, you need to create a separate Rejoyce Program account apart from your existing LA JOYÌA account. Press the “Join now” button above to sign up.

Can I still join the program and get my 15% cash rebate if I have only worn my jewelry for a short while?

We are open to receive any LA JOYÌA piece in any condition.

How can I send you my old jewelry pieces?

You shall receive a confirmation email within 3-5 business days after submitting your request for joining the program. Please follow the instructions as shown in the email and ship your jewelry to us. We will not cover the shipping fees for you.

Do you only accept jewelry pieces from LA JOYÌA?

Unfortunately, we only accept pieces from LA JOYÌA for now.

Is there a limit regarding the number of times each user may participate in this program?

You may participate in the program as many times as you wish. Thank you for your effort in protecting the future.


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