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The Delighters

Simplicity embodies boundless possibilities. With deep respect to our mother Earth, we create meaningful jewelry in clean design reminding you to — always be, have faith in, and express unapologetically yourself. By being yourself, you become the light that connects others to the joy of life.

LA JOYÌA is a community built for us all to grow, to thrive together. We welcome content creators who share our beliefs from around the world to join our Delighters program, sharing the magic of authentic stories with a broader audience.

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Non-Scripted Stories For Genuine Impact

Chance To Act On Your Beliefs

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What is The Delighters?

The Delighters is our affiliates program. As its name suggests, we believe we all have the power to delight others by simply staying true to ourselves. We express to inspire, we grow to shine together.

How can I apply for the collaboration?

Click the above “Apply now” to fill the application form for joining our program.

Do I have to use authentic personal information?

As we advocate authenticity and honesty, your authentic personal information is definitely needed for the application.

How many pieces of jewelry shall I receive upon successful application?

We will notify you via email regarding the number of pieces. The type of pieces we are sending you depends on the type of our collaboration and our current inventory. You may provide a list of preferred pieces and we will try our best to accommodate your request. You may keep the pieces after the collaboration.

Which social media platforms will you focus?

We currently focus on platforms including Instagram, Youtube and Facebook. You are required to be a user for at least one of these platforms.

Do I have to promote the brand and its products every day on social media?

We value genuine sharing and experiences around our pieces. You are for sure not required to promote them everyday, feel free to share your thoughts whenever you feel like sharing!

Is there a minimum size of following for the program?

We welcome all content creators regardless of their number of followers. You will never know how important your impact on others, which is never judged by numbers.

Do you work with creators around the globe?

Yes, we do. We currently work with creators in Hong Kong and around the world.

When will I hear back regarding my application?

It usually takes a few days for us to process your application. We will try our best to get back to you as soon as possible. If you don’t hear from us within 1 week, it means that our current campaign may not be a fit for you.

What should I do next after the collaboration is confirmed?

We will contact you shortly via email upon your successful application and provide you with information regarding the pieces of jewelry that you will receive soon.

Am I allowed to give genuine comments on the materials and provide my user experience on my platforms?

Yes, you are definitely encouraged to do so! We are confident in our pieces and are happy to know if they spark any thoughts in you.

Do I have to disclose this collaboration to my audience?

Yes! You are obligated to inform your audience about this partnership in all posts as you collaborate with us.

What benefits can I bring to my audience upon this collaboration?

We will customise a set of unique promotion code for you to share with your audience. They will receive a special offer upon purchasing our pieces.


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