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Minimalist Jewellry

Antoni Gaudi once said, “The straight line belongs to men, the curved one to God”. As lovers of the nature, not only do we appreciate the beauty of curves created by God and embodied in different natural objects, but we would like to implement this concept into the world of jewellery. Here in LA JOYÌA, we believe that beautiful jewellery need not possess bold appearances or large shimmering stones. Instead, minimalistic designs such as the use of curves and small stones are those that can truly withstand the test of time and keep their wearers ever shining, which is why we have miminalist jewelry.

As mentioned above, our minimalist jewelry features curves and sometimes stones for adding hints of elegance, which may appear different from the bold designs you see outside. For those who are visiting LA JOYÌA for the first time and would like to taste our concept of minimalism, we would recommend you to start with the Sleek Gold Hoops and Minimal Beaded Bracelet. As its name implies, the Sleek Gold Hoops, with gold finishing on the beautifully curved hoops, allows you to be lowkey fashionable.

The Minimal Beaded Bracelet on the other hand, is minimalism worn on the wrist. With beads as touches to the plain silver chain (comes in gold-plating variation), the Minimal Beaded Bracelet is both simplistic and fashionable.

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Sleek Gold Hoops


Minimal Beaded Bracelet

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Minimal Beaded Bracelet


Minimal Round Necklace


We offer our high-quality products in affordable prices, which is why we entitle our jewellery “affordable luxury”. If you’re searching for better deals, you may also follow our socials and subscribe to our newsletter to catch up with any latest prmotions. If you’re trying to treat yourself well, today is the day! Have fun shopping in LA JOYÌA!

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