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Gemstone Jewellery

LA JOYIA’s gemstone jewellery is one of our proudest collections yet. As lovers of the nature, we appreciate the beauty of natural curves and colors, which is why we put much effort into making this collection where you can see nothing but only beautiful hues and curves.

The beauty of gemstones comes from the stones’ natural hues and patterns. That’s why even upon buying two pieces of the same gemstone product, you can still have two appearance-wise different items.

This is also what makes each piece of our gemstone products unique, just like each one of you on earth. Our gemstone currently comes in three different variations: Kyanite, Blue Lace Agate, and Moon Stone. Joyous blue is one of LA JOYÌA’s brand colors, which is why we chose Kyanite and Blue Lace Agate, two close variants of joyous blue, as starting colors to our gemstone jewellery collection.

For those who are buying their first piece of gemstone jewellery, we would suggest you go for the Kyanite Gemstone Necklace or the Simplistic Gemstone Bracelet. The Kyanite Gemstone Necklace, as mentioned above, has an oceanic blue that allows you to have the ocean around your neck. The Simplistic Gemstone Bracelet on the other hand, features the Blue Lace Agate Gemstone on a silver chain, providing you the subtle yet elegant touch you’d need on your looks.

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Gemstone Necklace - Blue Lace Agate


Gemstone Necklace - Moon White


Gemstone Necklace - Kyanite


Simplistic Gemstone Bracelet


Gemstone Drops


Gemstone Studs - Pearl White


Gemstone Drop Necklace - Rose Quartz


Gemstone Studs - Joyous Blue


Gemstone Drop Necklace - Amethyst


Gemstone Drop Necklace - Kyanite


Are you worried that our items may be expensive? You can be rest assured, as our high quality products come with affordable prices, where we entitle them “affordable luxury”.

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