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Handmade Jewellry

Handmade jewellery, who wouldn’t like them? Here in LA JOYÌA, each piece of jewellery is hand-crafted with hearts while partnering with artisans and goldsmiths of exceptional craftsmanship. We believe that while using the finest materials is a must, the product’s quality hinges more on the level of craftsmanship, which is why we take quality control seriously to ensure that every piece is made to last forever, just like your beauty.

While each piece of LA JOYÌA jewellery embodies fine craftsmanship, there are a few recommendations for those who are buying from LA JOYÌA for the first time and would like to be amazed. Here we recommend you the Gemstone collection and the Eternity collection.

For the Gemstone Collection, we handpicked gemstones with the most natural hues and beautiful curves to be studded into our necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. Each piece features a gemstone with natural patterns that would surely catch the attention of you and others.

For the Eternity Collection, we applied the combination of 925 sterling silver and solitaire to deliver the concept of “Eternity”. Solitaire on the never-fading silver, signifying the never-fading love for your significant one, or yourself.

These two collections serve as good starters for you to experience the quality of our handmade jewellery.

Product type




Eternity Necklace


Gemstone Necklace - Blue Lace Agate


Gemstone Necklace - Moon White


Gemstone Necklace - Kyanite


Eternity Hoops

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Simplistic Gemstone Bracelet


Gemstone Drops


Criss-Cross Eternity Ring


Gemstone Studs - Pearl White


Gemstone Drop Necklace - Rose Quartz


Gemstone Studs - Joyous Blue


Gemstone Drop Necklace - Amethyst


Gemstone Drop Necklace - Kyanite


Solitaire Eternity Ring


Just in case you’re worried that our handmade jewellery may be
costly, we’re here to keep you rest assured, as we’re dedicated in offering “affordable luxury” to our customers by selling our high-quality products in acceptable prices. You may also follow our socials and subscribe to our newsletter if you want to stay updated on our latest promotions. Show yourself
some self-love by buying yourself some fine jewellery. Happy shopping!

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